May 2024
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HearCare new systems in place

HearCare have been working on creating interactive administration documents that will assist in keeping the most detailed information possible about their patient’s case history. HearCare cares about giving the best possible care to their clients. This innovative response to growing paperwork assists in the best possible diagnosis and continued care of you the patient.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you feel you require the best assistance for your HearCare.

Is everyone ready for Farm World…?

HearCare are…

Refreshed after the Christmas Break we are ready for you all to take advantage of our Free Hearing Screenings at the Exhibition Centre at Farm World and will be discussing free hearing aid trials of the new Soundlens invisible in the canal hearing devices.

More details coming soon about the Soundlens Devices…

Welcome to the HearCare Blog

Welcome to the HearCare blog, this is where we discuss our thoughts on the latest technological advances in audiology.  We explain in simple terms the benefits of the latest devices, the importance of ear care and what services HearCare clinics can offer. We currently have eight clinics within Gippsland offering friendly professional services for all your audiology needs.

HearCare is also a sleep clinic – Do you snore, wake up feeling tired and restless or do you have a restless night’s Sleep, referred to as Sleep Apnoea?

HearCare Sleep Clinic undertake Home Based Sleep Studies, CPAP trials and evaluations, advice and service of CPAP therapy equipment.